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Phone: (585)727-9641
Secondary Phone: (585)298-0507

We here at River City Airsoft pride ourselves on our customer service. We try our best to make your Airsoft experience as safe and fun as possible. We follow strict safety rules and are a fully insured and legal field. 
We came a long and hard way to bring this field and Pro shop to the area. Anyone who knows us and has been following us through this journey knows what we had to go through. We appreciate you guys for your support and dedication. Also, a big thank you to the Town of Hamlin for their support in making this happen. 
With this said, we look forward to having you out, and we are always happy to answer any questions players may have. 
Since we are a little far out, our cell reception is not always great. If you cant reach us by phone, please feel free to text us under any of the above phone numbers. 

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