AEG RULES

0-300  fps with .2g or .84j blue tag pistols & shotguns only for inside the maze. If your rifle chronos @ .8j it will be Green  tagged to eliminate confusion for other players & must comply with is perspective tag given 

15ft engagement distance

Full or semi 

Blue tag is ONLY given to those who have a Pistol or Shotgun that shoots 300 or under @.8j for the maze, this is to help our referee's know that you may use your weapon in that area no other weapon will have a Blue tag aside from pistols or shotguns.

301-350 fps with .20g for CQB or .9j - 1.1j Green tag          

25ft engagement Distance

Full or auto


351-400 fps with .20g for field or 1.2j - 1.5j Yellow tagged 

50ft engagement Distance

Semi or full auto


401-500 fps with .20g for snipers or 1.56j - 2.3j Red tag

Cannot have full auto capabilities 

Cannot enter CQB area with sniper rifle MUST transition to a lower (0-350 fps) weapon to enter CQB area 

100ft engagement Distance


HPA users must have tournament lock to be able to play

0-350fps with .20G or 1.1j with .32 bb 
50 ft Engagement Distance
Semi locked


450-500 fps with .20G or 1.8j will be Red tagged
100ft Engagement Distance
Semi locked only/ bolt action only 
No "butterfly" triggers

Failure to follow HPA rules will result in ejection from our facility  




                Allowed: All types of mags will be allowed on the field


                 Allowed: All types of airsoft guns will be allowed 

                 ** Polarstar guns must have regulator with tournament lock**

            All airsoft guns must have barrel cover (mandatory) this includes but is not limited to, rifles, sniper rifles, lmg's ect. . . 


                 Allowed:Tornado impact, Madbull Powder shots, Grenade launchers, land mines, claymore,Thunder  B's  Any Grenade that makes a sound or a visible smoke or bb spray.

Not allowed: decommissioned grenades or any other "real steel" grenades. Or grenades that use 9mm or shot gun shell blanks!!!!  



                Allowed: Any weight and color, Any size (6mm 8mm), Plastic, Bio, Non-Bio.

                 Not allowed: Glass, Aluminum, any other than Plastic. 

 Power source:

                 Allowed: Battery, Green gas, Co2, High pressure air, Propane with silicone.

                 Not allowed: Gun powder! 


                Allowed: rubber or plastic knives

                Not allowed: real knive, screw drivers, allen wrenches, scissors ect. . . 



Face protection:

                   Allowed: Full seal goggles, full face mask, Any Z87+ rated lenses, soft shell mouth guard, mesh mouth guard, hard shell mouth guard,  (Mandatory)

                   Not allowed: shop glasses, ski goggles, sun glasses, eye glasses, CONTACT LENSES!, diving goggles, monocle, Mesh goggles,

                ** Age 18+ must have full seal goggles, ear protection, mouth and chin protection. or full facemask 

                ** Age 18 and under must have full face mask. (any questions see staff)


                  Allowed: Any type of helmet is allowed (not mandatory)


                  Allowed: Any vest, plate carrier, or chest rig is allowed.  (not mandatory)


                  Allowed: Any gloves are allowed (not mandatory)  


                  Allowed: any camo is allowed


                  All hits to the head, torso, legs, arms, hands and feet count as a hit! 


                   Dead rag,proper eye protection for your age group, barrel covers.





















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